My First Vehicle: a 1996 Ford Ranger!
A quote for the read:
"You may be a redneck if... you have spent more on your pickup truck than on your education."
Jeff Foxworthy
     I finally bought my first pickup! My grandparents visited us last weekend, hauling a manual-transmission 1996 Ford Ranger behind them all the way from northwest Kansas! My great-grandpa previously owned it and used it as a farm truck on their ranch in Decatur County, KS. While he was in a nursing home, my grandparents bought it from him so he could have some extra money to pay the home expenses. They called the pickup “Floyd”, the name of my great-grandpa, after he passed away in 2015.

     Every summer when I went out to visit my grandparents, I would practice driving the stick shift around town and out on the country roads, knowing that when I became old enough, it would be my own to drive. So, as the years went by, I quickly turned 16 and got my license. Not long after that did I start conversing with my grandparents about buying Floyd from them. It took about two months for us to figure out when they could bring here to Illinois and how I would pay them for it. They ended up charging me $1,500 for it, which is a pretty good deal considering that there is no rust and everything under the hood works great.