My First Blog Post and Many More to Come
     Hello everyone, this is my first official blog post on my website! I started this simply because I thought it would be cool to have my own website including a blog, so it became. This website was completely made by hand, by me. Let me tell you that I do not wish to pursue coding as a profession, never in a million years, but I do know it from my past and use it when I need to.

     I wanted a really themed website, incorporating rustic, western, and outdoors styles, all things of which represent me. This was the first time I ever actually made a website. Previous ones were just small side projects that I started just for fun back when I was first learning code and wanted to pursue it as a career.

     I do enjoy writing and I think this will be fun so hopefully there will be more blogs of various topics to come in the future that you will enjoy reading! But until next time, ¡adiós!