My Favorite Mulch Pile
A quote for the read:
"Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination."
Walt Disney
     Back in 2011 when my mom and I moved into a new house, our landlord kept a huge pile of mulch right next door for his flower garden. Doesn’t sound ideal, right? Well, I being 11 years old then, made the most of it! I made that tall pile my castle. One time I even put some chairs and other things up there to make it more comfortable. Surprisingly I can’t find other pictures of me up there, but believe me – I was up there ALL the time.

     Our landlord was a pretty neat guy, so he let me play around up there. Of course every new spring a large section would be taken away from it to be used in the half acre flower garden, but it made it even more fun. I now had a high drop off at the edge of my castle. The picture above was taken a year after we moved away. Now, six years later the landlord has moved and the mulch pile is no more.