I Built My First Piece of Furniture
A quote for the read:
"My father was very much a handy person round the house, and I learnt a lot of carpentry from him."
John Henry Carver
     This morning, after two days, I finally finished building a rustic-style coffee table! I really wanted to build something using old barn wood, so this past weekend while I was out at my mom's house, I stole two wood boards out of the inside of her barn (don't worry, they were necessary to the building's structure). They were the perfect width and length for a coffee table. I took them off the wall of the barn and hauled them over in the back of my Ford Ranger.

     The next day I started planning out how to build it. I took some pieces from here and there: the sides and legs are all from an old porch swing and the bottom shelf are two old fence boards put together. You mix it all together and voilà! It soon becomes an old wooden coffee table.