Elijah Wasson
    Whether you're wanting to check out my woodworking or just read some of my blogs, but I hope you can find your way around my handcrafted, homemade website. To introduce myself, I'm Elijah (the one who's name is up top). I am years old and in case you couldn't tell yet, I love nature. Everything about it is great!

    I use my dad's workshop to build handcrafted furniture and other things out of different types of wood, old and new. I like to write about everything, whether it's about my opinions or a short story. Landscape and wildlife photography is a big hobby of mine — and it would be bigger if I actually had a professional camera and could travel anywhere I wanted to.

    Anyways, go ahead and start exploring my website! I loved making it and I think it turned out really good. If you have any comments or would like to report something, a contact form is available to fill out and send to me.